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Firepits and Other Custom Pool Features

At ReMARKable Pool Services, we don’t stop at the pool’s edge. We have years of experience building fire pits and outdoor fireplaces. Whether you are after a separate seating area featuring a rock bench and built in fire pit, or a fire bowl at the water’s edge our experienced pool designers can provide you with the finishing touches for the backyard of your dreams.

Beach Entries, Cabo Ledge and Acapulco Shelf

Historically, swimming pool entries were basically all the same: three or four small steps leading down into the shallow end of the pool. Today, many homeowners are enjoying a more natural design, such as a beach entry. Much like a beach that gradually descends into the ocean waves, a beach entry pool features a deck that gently slopes beneath the surface of the water and becomes increasingly deep as you move forward. Some pool owners are also incorporating a Acapulco Shelf into their pool. This is simply a large rounded step, generally only a few inches to a foot or so deep, that allows swimmers and loungers alike to dabble in the water without becoming entirely immersed.

Mosaic Accents

Mosaics have become a popular element of swimming pool design. Incorporating a mosaic design into your swimming pool can make your pool come to life. With tiles of differing shapes and sizes, you can create a large centerpiece, such as a marine animal. There are dozens of designs available.

Vanishing Edges – Infinity Pool

Vanishing edges or Infinity Pools are known for their dramatic effect. Many pool owners find this is just what their backyard oasis needs to make it feel like a full time result. Infinity pools are very effective if you have a long or expansive view as it gives the impression that the pool melts into the horizon. If you have a less expansive area you can still gain the effect of the vanishing edge that is dropping water into a lower basin. Our customized designs will help will gain the effect you want.

make your pool an oasis with Custom Pool Features
ReMARKable Pool Services offers a wide array of unique and exciting features for your swimming pool. Choose from our broad selection of custom pool features including interior and deck finishes, waterfalls, colored lights, slides, Acapulco shelf, water jets, grottos, beach entries, mosaic accents and more… all designed to complement your custom pool and your lifestyle.

Rock Features – Waterfalls, Grottos & Decorative Accents

The use of natural and/or man made rock can have a dramatic effect on your swimming pool design. From simple pebble work in a wall or deck to dramatic boulders flanking a pool or defining a waterfall, the use of rocks helps to create the kind of serene and breathtaking atmosphere you’d find in nature. Possibilities for incorporating rock into your swimming pool design are endless.

Swimming Pool Lighting

Today’s pool lighting adds beauty and pizzazz. One of the most popular custom pool features, pool lighting can give you more time to swim in your pool and create a great ambieace for outside dining. Options for lighting include standard white lighting, multi-colored lighting and fiber optics. While standard incandescent and halogen pool lights are always great options, fiber optic lighting is a fantastic way to bring striking color to your nighttime poo lscape.  While enjoying a nightcap or an evening swim, experience an array of brilliant Watercolors that transport your imagination to lush emerald islands, Caribbean seas, or the floating in soft, warm rose petals. Pentair Intellibrite pool and spa lights provide the finest and brightest colors for your pool and spa. Engineered with superior design, the Pentair Intellibrite light not only saturates your pool with vibrant colors, but also creates delightful sparkling ripples on the water surface. Whether swimming or just lighting up the night, you’ll enjoy endless nights of brilliant color.