Remarkable PoOlServices


ReMARKable Pool Services was founded on honesty and integrity. We strive daily to build upon our reputation by ensuring the highest level of customer service. Our expertise in pool maintenance and repair includes:

  • Stain removal

  • Algae removal and control

  • Pool & spa pump motor maintenance/replacement

  • Pool filter cleaning, repairs, or replacements

  • Pool skimmer repairs

  • Heater repairs or replacement for pools & spas

  • Timer repair or replacement for spas and pools

  • Automation system repairs

  • Pool chlorination system repairs or installation

  • Salt cell

  •  D.E. and cartridge filter repair and replacement

Pool Pump Repair

There are various problems that can arise during normal pump operation. A properly working pump draws water from the pool, forces it through a filter and circulates water back to the pool. If this is no longer happening, it may be time for ReMARKable Pool Services to install a new pool pump. If you’re experiencing trouble with your pump, call the professionals at ReMARKable Pool Services. We service all brands of pumps, and your issues will be resolved quickly by our expertly trained and experienced technicians. They are capable of quickly diagnosing the problem and then discussing the various repair solutions with you. We also offer energy saving upgrades to help our customers reduce electrical costs and promote conservation.

Pool Motor Repair

At ReMARKable Pool Services, all our technicians are trained to ensure they are providing prompt, quality service at an affordable price. Whether your pool pump is making a strange noise or it's just extremely loud, it may be time to replace the motor. Our technicians are highly experienced and trained within all aspects of pool maintenance and repair.


Is your pool light broken or not working properly? Is there water in your pool light?

ReMARKable Pool Services can fix your pool lights. We will determine whether you simply need a bulb or a light fixture replaced. We can solve either problem and get your pool light working again. There are many new options today from LED white light to LED color lights that put on a show. Not only is it enjoyable to have a pool light for nighttime swimming, but it is also a safety device. We can even help you program your remote control so that your pool lights come on automatically at a certain times each night. Call us for your swimming pool light repair needs.

inground Pool repair and Maintenance

Your pool equipment is going to require maintenance, it is inevitable. As your pool equipment ages, it will need certain repairs and ReMARKable Pool Services offers the highest quality maintenance or repairs for your swimming pool and spa. After one of our experienced technicians analyzes your equipment, all proposed repairs for your pool equipment, pump, or filters will be fully explained, and you will receive a verbal or written estimate on the cost of the repair prior to any work being done.