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There's a good rea­son many peo­ple include a spa when they build a new pool. In addi­tion to the calm­ing atmos­phere of the spa spilling into the pool, there's lit­tle extra main­te­nance, and it's always there when you're ready to heat it up and get in for a soak.  There are a vari­ety of options for water­fall effects that can be cre­ated so your spa can cas­cade into the pool cre­at­ing an "active" pool environment.

A new spa can be added to an existing pool so it will look like it was built right in.  It is a sig­nif­i­cant expense, however it is an amenity that will add value to your home and many evenings of enjoyment.

Water Features

Today's pool interior finishes offer a wide range of color options. Blue water is the most commonly the key objective in selecting the pool finish. This can be obtained by selecting any white based aggregate finish. You can select a finish with colored aggregate particles that best matches your tile and coping. Many pool environments are created to blend in with nature, while others require a bolder more contemporary or modern feel.

Stamped Concrete Patios & Pool Decks

Now that we've covered the surfaces involved with your pool, let's think about how your pool will be used. One of the most popular places the people congregate in and around a pool is at the pool steps.  They offer multiple levels to sit and enjoy the cool water.

We can add a "sunshelf", which is a generally a six foot wide step or ledge at any desired water depth that will offer you an area to lounge within the water, with bubblers and/or lights, or even just above in your lounge chair.

We have found that many clients request addition of hand rails with renovation projects. The pool may have initially been installed with kids in mind, and be a little challenging for many adults.  We can install handrails and even add additional pool stairs in any pool, to make getting in and out much easier. You can select a standard handrail, or we can easily have a custom rail fabricated to suit your needs and taste. Many finishes and colors are available.

We can add a new rail to any existing pool.

Spa Additions

Use an Automation Control System to control your lights or any type of feature. You can program the on/off times, or turn them on and off instantly. You can select from a wall mounted console, a handheld remote, or both, iPhone or iPad.

Automation's primary function was initially designed to simplify the spas use, and control the temperature of the heater's thermostat. Now that the convenience has increased the popularity, many people get an automation system in order to control all their pools functions.

Pool & Spa Heater

Heating your spa?

Gas heaters work the best both LP and natural gas.
Heat pumps work well, too. They just raise the water temperature more slowly.

Heating your pool?

Convert your pool to a refreshing salt water pool. Essentially they make chlorine from salt that is added to the pool water. We can simplify your pools chemical care with the addition of a quality salt system.


Pool Features & Accessories

Whether your building a new pool, resurfacing, or renovating an existing pool...

We offer you various styles and features to enhance the beauty and quality of your backyard oasis. We can also simplify the operation of features and pool care with remote controls, cleaners, and a salt system.

Pool Interior

Most commonly incorporated in today's new pools and renovations is some form of "Coping Edge".  Coping is available in many materials; essentially its purpose is giving the pool's top edge a rounded material that will interface the patio material and the pools waterline tile.

Pool Waterline Tiles

Lighting is one of the most dramatic options for your pool environment. The pool area is often enjoyed in the evening — SO LIGHT IT UP!  We can help with LED lights to illuminate your pool, spa, and water features. LED lights are not just "white light", they create changing colored light shows. You can also stop them on any one color.  Just wait until next Valentine's Day or Independence Day.

Pool Automation

Don't be overwhelmed by the choices available to you.  First, do you like smooth or rough stone type textures?  Second, what basic color do you like?  From there, decide if you want a pattern or just a simple square shape with minimum grout. Most people select a tile that will contrast with the water.

Pool Sunshelves, Benches and Beach Areas

A "beach area" specifically refers to the same sort of feature that slopes in from the deck giving a beach effect topped with flagstone, travertine, or pool finish.

We can incorporate one of these features in your new pool or recreate any existing pool to have a sunshelf or beach area.  It's not as expensive as you may think and adds more fun, enjoyment and even equity value to your old pool!

Pool Accessibility

If pool pea gravel, spray deck or cool deck isn't your thing, don't worry there are other options. You can consider Stamped Concrete Overlay applications that can simulate Cobble Stone, Slate, and even Cut Coral. The application is typically 1/2" thick applied over new or existing concrete.

Translucent Concrete Stains

Also, now gaining in popularity are applications of translucent concrete stains. They achieve mottled looks that contain lots of contrast and depth.  This is an inexpensive application that is ideal for hiding dirt from foot traffic and even celebrates cracks that give the patio more character.

 Pool Edge Alternatives

Pool environments need action, and what's better than splashing water?   You can create a water feature that fits your taste. It could be the jungle themed rock waterfall, an ancient spilling bowl from Egypt, or shooting columns of water in Las Vegas fashion.  The possibilities are endless.

Salt Systems

LP gas is not an option (the gas is too expensive). Natural gas works well. Heat pumps are more efficient than gas heaters.  The initial cost is about $1000 more than a gas heater.  Heat pumps don't work well when the air temperature falls below 50 degrees.  Solar cost about the same as a heat pump, yet the heat is free thereafter.  For solar you need roughly about the same square foot area of the pool, available on the roof for the panels.  The area needs to be on SW, S, or SE exposure side of your roof.

We can help you determine which heater is best for your application!

Pool Pumps & Pool Filters

We are a proud dealer of Pentair products. We have a long history installing Pentair  pumps, heaters, and filters.  All of their products have proven to be extremely durable and reliable. Pentair pool pumps and filters are so reliable we are able to offer you a limited 3 year warranty on parts AND labor.  

Pentair pool pumps and pool filters are not only reliable, they are whisper quiet and energy efficient.  We highly recommend Pentair pool pumps and filters.

Variable Speed Pool Pumps